Gorillas in Pongoland

4 animals: 3 female, 1 male


Abeeku (male)

Date of Birth: May 5th 1999

Father: Ernst

Mother: Annette

Place of birth: Rotterdam, Netherlands

In Leipzig since: 20. August 2012



Diara (female)

Date of Birth: March 11th 2014

Father: Abeeku

Mother: Kumili

Place of birth: Leipzig, Germany

In Leipzig: since birth



Kibara (female)

Date of Birth: January 13th 2004

Father: Gorgo

Mother: Viringika

Place of birth: Leipzig, Germany

In Leipzig since: birth


Kumili (female)

Date of Birth: Januar 23rd 2004

Father: Kumba II

Mother: Asili

Place of birth: Chessington, Großbritannien

in Leipzig since: 29. November 2012