Worth knowing

ropes in Pongoland

Apes are very active animals. For that reason the zoo installed 7000m of rope for the apes to climb on in Pongoland.

By comparison: At a height of 508 meter, Taipei One-O-One is soon to become the most impressive urban landmark.


Visitors are able to watch the apes very closely.

It is often not more than a bulletproof glass that separates people from the apes. All bulletproof glasses together have the same weightiness as two elephants. (10 tons)


The outdoor enclosures are not enclosed with fences but with watercourses, which build a natural barrier between the several enclosures.

The watercourses contain a water amount of 8000m³, that is equal to the water amount of 50 000 bathtubs.

That is enough water for an ape to drown. A safety net of 1905m² avert a damage.

plants at the pongoland

There are not only wonderful apes at the Pongoland, but also beautiful plants!

20 different kinds of trees,
15 different kinds of shrubs and
16 different kinds of herbage and fern.